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Gallery Walk

CALL FOR KEEPSAKES! OLMC is planning a gallery walk to celebrate the 100 year long history of our school. Before we can pull it together, we're looking for artifacts and mementos to encapsulate the School and Parish's complete and rich history.

Items can be loaned, scanned digitally, or donated.

Click here for the Google Form for up to 5 submissions!

The above form is to track all documents, photos, and mementos for the Gallery Walk Exhibition that will be held in March and the information of those who are contributing. This will help us catalog what we receive, properly credit the lender, and ensure that it makes its way back to where it belongs.

Conditions of the Loan

  1. The loaned object will be delivered to Our Lady of Mount Carmel (OLMC) by January 19th and will be held through the end of March.

  2. OLMC will give all borrowed objects the same care it does comparable to property of its own.

  3. Damage to borrowed objects, upon discovery and regardless of responsibility will be reported immediately to the lender.

  4. No alteration, restoration, or repair will be undertaken without authorization from the lender.

  5. Unless otherwise noted in writing,  the borrowed objects may be photographed or reproduced by OLMC for educational, catalog, and publicity purposes subject to copyright restrictions.

  6. Unless OLMC is notified in writing, OLMC will release borrowed objects only to the lender.

  7. The costs and arrangements for receiving and returning borrowed objects is the responsibility of the lender, and not OLMC.

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